Vandelay Web Announces Acceptance of BitCoin

by Mark Runyon • December 27, 2013

Web and systems development firm, Vandelay Web, announced Thursday that they would now accept payment via the online currency, BitCoin. Per, Vandelay Web will be one of only six merchants in the metro Atlanta area to accept the new digital currency. Vandelay Web president and founder Mark Runyon said of the move, “We are […]

Web Hosting Reviews: Digging to Find the Honesty & Truth

by Mark Runyon • December 14, 2013

Web Hosting recommendations aren’t hard to unearth on the Internet. I just typed in web hosting reviews into Google and got back 162 million results — yes million. Now the real question is how many of those reviews are actually genuine and trustworthy. You’d probably have an easier time finding a kid who hates Christmas. […]

Is Google’s Product Pipeline Set to Revolutionize Technology?

by Mark Runyon • November 28, 2013

As far as technology companies go, Google is one of the cooler ones building out cyberspace and changing how we think about technology. They are creating some of the most cutting edge products on the market and many are still flying under the radar of Joe Public. If you thought Google only helped you search […]

Infographic: iPhone 6 – What to Expect in the New iPhone

by Mark Runyon • October 3, 2013

The long awaited iPhone 5s & 5c have been released into the wild only to be met with a collective wave of cheers and yawns. Some love the fresh colors and new features while others wonder why the once cutting edge company is failing to keep pace with its competitors. Now that we’ve seen all […]

Display Only Certain Categories or Single Post on Home Page in WordPress

by Mark Runyon • September 9, 2013

WordPress is, well, the cats pajamas. For your interesting factoid of the day, cats pajamas was used by hipsters in the 1920s to refer to a person who was the best at what they do. I really can’t heave enough accolades on the platform, or its open source community. Though WordPress is painfully easy to […]

The Value of NoFollow Links in Web Marketing

by Mark Runyon • August 28, 2013

Nofollow links have been with us since 2005 when Google instituted the tag to combat spam in blogs. Since that time, Google has advised the designation be used in things like advetorials, widgets, guest posts and infographics. The rule of thumb being if this is not genuinely editorial in nature (i.e. the website owner wouldn’t […]

Why Hasn’t My Traffic Returned After Manual Spam Action Was Revoked?

by Mark Runyon • August 8, 2013

When I wrote the article on removing unnatural link penalties last month, I didn’t know it was going to morph into a series (hoped is probably the better word), but here we are. From my extensive research, I know there are a ton of webmasters not so silently suffering, and they are replete with questions […]

Using Images Legally on Your Website via Creative Commons, Stock Photos

by Mark Runyon • July 28, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly like lawyers. Ironically enough, not to mention thankfully, one of my best friends is a lawyer. Lawyers just seem to tap into that wasteland of society that wants to live off the hard work of others. I see these injury lawyers beating their drum in the […]

How to Properly Setup Domains to Harvest Type-In Traffic

by Mark Runyon • July 20, 2013

I discovered long ago that domains have power even if you never intend to build a website on them. Certain keyword domains can generate a nice sum of traffic over their lifespan. In the infancy of the web, an entire industry cropped up to take advantage of this new phenomenon (i.e. domaineers & their army […]

Copyright Status of Archived Web Content on an Expired Domain

by Mark Runyon • July 14, 2013

Domains drop everyday. A few are great, but the vast majority are trash that weren’t worth the $10 registration fee in the first place. Most bleed their way back into the domain pool, but all web properties seem to have a chance at a second life through registrar auction services. Most registrars either have them […]