How to Successfully Remove Google’s Unnatural Links Penalty

by Mark Runyon • July 5, 2013

Manual Spam Action Revoked Those are the most beautiful words in the English language if you are a web developer. Especially if you’ve experienced the wrath of a Google penalty. You know that heart stopping message that pops up in Google Webmaster Tools saying “Detected Unnatual Links to Your Beloved Domain.” Basically, Google’s telling you […]

Getting Latitude & Longitude from a Street Address Using c# and Visual

by Mark Runyon • July 4, 2013

I was working on a project last night utilizing Bing embeddable Maps and wanted to generate these maps on the fly for some WordPress post automation I was employing. I took the map embed code and tried to simply swap out the address references for each new location. That was a no go. It seems […] Domain For Sale

by Mark Runyon • July 1, 2013

Insurance continues to be one of the hottest verticles on the web. The prime domains were all snapped up long ago, leaving you sifting through the leftovers for some hope at salvation. We have a category killer domain for a reasonable cost in priced at $2500. The .co domain extension was launched internationally in […]