The long awaited iPhone 5s & 5c have been released into the wild only to be met with a collective wave of cheers and yawns. Some love the fresh colors and new features while others wonder why the once cutting edge company is failing to keep pace with its competitors. Now that we’ve seen all the latest this iPhone has to offer, its time to refocus our gaze on the iPhone 6 to see what we can glean from the rumors and innuendo furiously swirling about in the Internet universe.

The following infographic pulls together some of the best guesses at what the new iPhone 6 will look like and features that will be added. Be assured all of these bells and whistles will not make it into the next iPhone, and we will have undoubtedly missed a few critical pieces to the puzzle, but this list should serve as a decent blueprint for what the Apple faithful can expect from their next ‘must-have’ phone

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