The following essay was submitted by Tony Woods from Stetson University as part of the Future of Technology Scholarship competition.

The year is 2040, the world is making steady progress together, though constrained by the many arguments about the pace of technological development and the ethics. On one hand there are the researchers arguing for greater rapid adaption of machines into our daily routines, and the fundamentalist who are afraid that we too dependent on machines to be in control of our own lives.

The projected health expectancy is up, and at the cost of privacy crime is at it’s lowest point in history. Cameras litter the air, documenting, and observing every aspect of modern society. Corporate conglomerates have now developed independent thinking AI from the primitive versions of Siri, and Cortana. Through the Limit of Communications Supervision Act of 2017, people have trusted their mobile chips more and freely input their all of their personal information.

MicroGoogle™ have perfected their retinal displays so that the use of Google Glass is no longer need to run Windows, and the Glass Contact lenses have eliminated the need for glasses at all. At first there was speculation, but studies show that the Glass Contacts actually preserve and prolong vision. MicroGoogle™ has made great strides in the footsteps of Chancellor Gates in terms of Global Development. Not only has their Glass system been implemented Globally into households, but it has given sight to the blind, and prevented the loss of children through kidnapping, and criminal behavior.

At the heart of this system is the AppleCore©. The AppleCore stores information and documents individuals lives through Lifebook©. From the time an infant is born and imprinted with the Glass Contact, their lives are documented for them to share. Lifebook is on the verge of saving DNA information to be passed on to future generations.

The need for mobile devices and laptops have been eliminated now that users can project their information in front of them virtually so that either only they can see it, or they can share it with others. Home computers are no longer a necessity, and the internet spans the entire planet thanks to AppleCore.

Though there was outrage in the entertainment industry, never has it been so prosperous. Their content is being spread from person to person generating revenue, and enriching culture with constant change and adaption.

The thoughts toward sexuality have become open, and people more openly appreciate the human form and body. There is no longer any restrictions on Freedom of Marriage, and people are free to spend their lives with those the love.

There are of course flaws in the system thanks to the “Tweakers”. Those dissatisfied with the system who constantly are trying to mod their implants, and use after-market parts to boost their bodies and enhance themselves, striving for x-ray vision and muscle enhancements.

Though it has caused some problems for the Global Enforcers, it has provided the Medical community with tools to better human health. Though extra implants are optional, the process exploded and health has been amazing with the use of blood and organ regulators. Humans can check their health at all times. Surprisingly, Medical Doctors are just as important for advising, and keeping their patients up to date on patches, and upgrades. Population control is steady, with Humans staying at a constant level between 10 and 12 billions thanks to Pregnancy implants to regulate and allow couples to control when they have children.

Due to the technological crisis of 2031, Humans have found new appreciation for nature, journeying out into the jungle to relax and communicate with wild life. Though some creatures wander into the city and become domesticated, there lives a place for animals to live on the Continent of Africa thanks to major efforts for climate control by World leaders and habitat forming.

Through the mutual partnership between nature preservationist and scientists, we have begun to prepare for future Terra forming of Mars, that has been discussed for future decades.

Through Lifebook, the world knows peace despite it’s many differences. People have begun to accept the many differences between each other because of mutual understanding. The threat of war sometimes rears its ugly head between groups striving to move our future into their perspective directions, but for now the gift of peace is precious to everyone.

In attempt to encourage greater mutual participation, World Leaders have convened to try to establish a better global language based largely off of English and Mandarin. Glass Contacts help users daily to remember the new words, and it’s spreading daily through use on internet forums. Through messaging, it is spreading in a similar manner “lol, rofl, ttyl, hmu” did in the early 2000s.

Rumors of a global government have exploded on the internet, and news stations have been speculating like crazy. Some are ardently opposed, but most of the world is buzzing to the rumors. Mutual cooperation is now a majority accepted idea and uniting the entire planet would be the next stop on the trip to world peace.

Cultural barriers are pretty much non-existent. Music has become a required course, and through it people can communicate freely. Electronic music is everywhere, and even more surprisingly, classical music has become predominant now that more people can play instruments, and freely express themselves. People have found a new form of respect for the arts, and consider it “cultural enrichment”. Skilled musicians are the equivalent to celebrities.

Virtual concerts are taking the world by storm. The process consists of hundreds of cameras filming musicians, and the concerts being broadcasted at night against the stars, creating a ethereal sense of wonder.

Creativity is the pinnacle to the future. In the words of George Bernard Shaw “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will”. Technology has given mankind all of the tools it needs to let it’s imagination run free.

Technology has eliminated the stresses of wealth distribution, and workload. It has given humans the ability to change for better or worse, which ever that may be at this point. People are encouraged to create and re-imagine.

There is a new Picaso, or Bill Gates, or Stravinsky born everyday. Technology gives them the tools to change the world, and with it as the constant, nothing stays the same. The world is growing at an unparalleled rate. We have no clue what the future will bring, but as a species, technology is quickly becoming a part of who we are.