I was writing up an article for Business2Community on Amazon’s dominance in the web hosting space with AWS. I’d always heard Netflix is the customer they love to tout as what AWS can do, but I hadn’t heard of any other big name customers calling AWS home. That logically led me to wonder where the other top 50 websites were hosted. Strangely, I couldn’t find much in the way of a comprehensive list. It took a little digging, but I did manage to track down information on every site that doesn’t have a CDN service sitting between it and its host (Fastly, Akamai & Cloudflare). From the data, a few surprising facts popped out.

  • • A lot of the top websites actually keep their web hosting in house. More than I would have thought.
  • • Bankers seem particularly distrustful of farming out their hosting.
  • • When you remove the properties hosted by their parent company (like Office.com, Bing.com on Microsoft’s Azure), AWS is the undisputed leader, as suspected, serving up ten of the top fifty sites.
  • • CDN’s are quite popular, and Fastly is the clear winner of the bunch. They weren’t even on my radar before tonight.
  • • Porn peddlers don’t seem to be welcome on the same hosts as the more wholesome websites.

I’m very curious to know who the host is behind each of these CDN’s so if you have privileged knowledge, please post a comment below to help me tighten up the list. For those that are curious, I used Alexa’s top 50 trafficked sites in the US as my guide.

Rank Website Web Host
1 Google.com Google Cloud
2 YouTube.com Google Cloud
3 Facebook.com Facebook
4 Amazon.com AWS
5 Wikipedia.org Wikimedia Foundation
6 Reddit.com ** Fastly CDN
7 Yahoo.com Yahoo!
8 Twitter.com Twitter
9 LinkedIn.com LinkedIn
10 eBay.com * Akamai CDN
11 Instagram.com Facebook
12 Netflix.com AWS
13 Twitch.tv AWS
15 ESPN.com AWS
16 Pornhub.com Quad Speed Internet
17 Instructure.com AWS
18 Live.com Azure
19 Craigslist.org Craigslist
20 Imgur.com ** Fastly CDN
21 Chase.com JP Morgan Chase
22 Paypal.com Akamai CDN
23 T.co Twitter
24 CNN.com AWS
25 Bing.com Azure
26 IMDB.com AWS
27 Fandom.com Fastly CDN
28 Pinterest.com AWS
29 NYTimes.com Fastly CDN
30 Office.com Azure
31 Github.com Github
32 Microsoft.com Azure
33 Salesforce.com Salesforce
34 Zillow.com AWS
36 Hulu.com AWS
37 Apple.com Google Cloud
38 Stackoverflow.com Fastly CDN
40 Yelp.com AWS
41 Walmart.com Azure
42 BankOfAmerica.com Bank of America
43 Intuit.com AWS
44 Tumblr.com Yahoo!
45 Dropbox.com Dropbox
46 Quora.com AWS
47 Quizlet.com Cloudflare CDN
48 WellsFargo.com A.G. Edwards & Sons
49 XVideos.com ServerStack
50 Weather.com IBM Cloud

Last Checked 4/3/2019

* eBay tried out Azure during its launch back in 2010, yet it sounds like that try out didn’t have Azure getting called up to the big leagues at the time.
** Reddit & Imgur were on AWS in 2012 when a mass outage outage at AWS turned off a portion of the Internet. No word if that caused them to jump ship or continue on in the years since.